Preferred Partners


We work very closely with Mark, the owner of Shining Star Photo Booth, and highly recommend them for all your photo booth needs. Commemorate your next wedding with photo booth keepsakes that your guests will treasure from the leader in photo booths in the York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland area.

Maryland Photography

We work very closely with Becca, the owner of Becca's Flashy Photography, and highly recommend them for your photography needs. Becca has been photographing events and friends for almost 10 years. She decided to turn her talents into a small business for people who can't afford over the top prices of the average photographer. 

Maryland Photo/Video

Clean Slate Photography works best with couples who place a lot of importance on their wedding photos; couples who truly value the art of photography and understand the impact that a photograph can have. If you’re looking for someone to ‘just take pictures’, then they are probably not the best choice. To them, you are more than just two people getting married and what they do is more than just ‘taking pictures’. The photographs they capture are edited into images that will endure for ages; they will serve as the foundation for your memories of the day you got married. The enormity of that responsibility is not lost on them, and the reverence with which they approach the task should not be lost on you. 

PA Photography

Capturing that one moment that takes your breath away. Creating that special memory that will last for endless lifetimes. Believing that in one single image, you can express the feelings that are spoken for hundreds of years. That my friends are the beliefs, the motivations and passions that drive Captured Moments by Jennifer as a photographer. She's been in the field of photography for almost 20 years and knowing that everyday that'Il change a person's life forever is an incredible feeling. 

Maryland Hairstylist

Need someone to come to you for your big day?  Well Bridal Hair by Kimi Collins would be an excellent choice.  We have seen her professionalism and beautiful designs in action and Kimi would be a great choice 

for your big day.

Maryand Hair and Makeup

Regina Deater does beautiful work whether it's the  perfect updo, a new color, a gorgeous cut or flawless makeup!  

Looking for someone on your big day; 

Regina is a great choice.